We connect you to the local artists and their artwork. Wander the neighbourhoods while you art gaze. Every corner promises adventure, colour and discovery. Meet talented artists and learn about their inspirations.


Local arts organizations team up with ArtWalk to offer fun and creative hands-on projects for kids throughout the ArtWalk weekend. This inviting grassy area is a perfect spot to enjoy both the KidsWalk activities and the Art Miles Mural that will be on display.

Circus Arts

Come take a workshop with the Academy’s instructors watch circus students perform amazing feats.

Design A School Bus

Giving San Diego children "A Ride to the Arts" with bus grants to teachers and schools.

Family Projects

Children families facing adversity a supportive atmosphere through imaginative expression.

Finger Painting

Dedicated to helping affected by brachial plexus injuries by means of support, education resources.


Meet the budding talents in the art scene. Get to know what inspires their art.

Volunteer Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer for ArtWalk.


We inspire you to appreciate art. Art has the ability to transform our lives for good. Here’s how we make art accessible.

Vip Tour

When you join us as a VIP we take you to the most inspiring artists who are changing lives and colouring people’s thoughts. The impact of their art is magnificent.

Mural Project

If the art on a canvas is too mainstream for you, check out the contemporary mural art that will astound you. You will want to carry a part of it with you.

Art Seminars

Are you an art enthusiast? Are you still learning to present your art and draw attention to your works? Attend these seminars reach exclamations, fortunes.


Leon L Covington

“I love to walk around and observe the art displays here. It motivates me to be more artistic and creative in my daily life.”