ArtWalk is one of the fun events organised in Findlay, twice a year in May and November. It is indeed a festival where all kinds of artists come together to showcase their artistic skills. Now that the COVID-19 has emerged, the event is scheduled online; but, there are many things that one can learn about ArtWalk. Do you want to know? Well, let us get deep into what ArtWalk teaches us if we are a part of it!

ArtWalk blends local art and local commerce effortlessly!

ArtWalk is an event where people will be allowed to learn that art can be created in every possible place through every possible piece. Recently, they had an event of “bubblegum art.” Yes, you read it right! It is exactly what it is!
Not only does ArtWalk craft local art creatively and effectively, but it also gives life to local artisans and local commerce by hosting their business and work!
Furthermore, ArtWalk allows artists to present their local art during their fest too!

Are you looking for a home conversation piece?


ArtWalk has all sorted it out for you!

In the olden days, when people tended to visit others’ homes for the first time, they would look at the house, find a portrait or a picture framed on the wall, and start a conversation based on that. Don’t you think? But now, we tend to look at the frames of digitised pictures!

Suppose you are someone who fascinates the vintage pictures, art, and paintings. People can buy paintings and artworks from local artisans and can also hear the stories behind the art! Also, trust me, there are fascinating stories behind most pictures, so visit the event at least once to experience the same!

ArtWalk helps you to build connections!


The primary reason people participate in ArtWalk is to showcase their talent, connect with people who appreciate what they do, and explain their art. ArtWalk is an event purely made for people who want to portray what they admire and love. Here, the participants get an opportunity to shine, but the visitors can also get a chance. But, how? Well, it is simple!

If you loved anyone of their artworks, you can buy them and encourage them. Also, if you love their paintings and want to learn the same, you can work on their upcoming projects. Collaborate with them, put your ideas and talent into their art form, and look how the magic works!

Learn techniques and skills to improve your artistic knowledge!

artistic knowledge!

ArtWalk creates a great space for you to discover a lot more about “art.” Once you visit the event, look at how your mind comes with a bunch of creative ideas. If you like any art, you can talk to them, know how did they think to perform that artwork. So, believe that this could be the sign for you to visit ArtWalk at least once in your lifetime or more frequently in your lifetime!

Things That One Learns About Artwalk As A Featured Artist!

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