To become a fine artist, one needs to take tips from the world’s finest fine art painters. What say? Let us quickly look into the tips given by some of the inspiring painters in the world!

● “A good sketch requires ‘time’ and ‘efforts’!”

Johannes Wessmark, a photo-realistic and fine art painter, suggests the aspiring fine art painters out there spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into their sketches. He adds to this suggestion by saying to take a printout of the picture you want to sketch for reference so that the sketch can be made on a light table. He says that this will help the artist to know where every line exactly sits upon.

● “Practice and just know that every painting cannot be a masterpiece!”

Eva Volf beautifully advises all the fine art painters out there to focus on practising more and expecting every painting to be a masterpiece less. She adds to this by saying one needs to enjoy the process rather than stressing about the final result. Being a renowned seascape artist, she suggests painters learn basics and challenge themselves to learn about composition, edges, colours, and values.

jumping into painting!

● “One should learn to draw, firstly, before directly jumping into painting!”

Kathy Morris, an expert in portrait artworks, gives an important tip for beginners to learn how to draw before jumping directly into painting. She believes that an image without knowing how to draw does not fix the equation. Also, she recommends an instructional sketchbook, namely, “Beginning Drawing Atelier”, to all the aspiring artists out there!

● “If you want to make a living out of painting, then paint what you adore the most!”

Rebekah Codlin, an oil painter and indeed a fantastic example for the upcoming generation of master painters, suggests that one needs to paint what one adores the most; to begin the journey of the finest fine arts, she says the aspiring artists to shut themselves for a particular time every day and figure out what to paint, very precisely, something they love the most!

 Fine Art Painters

● “One needs to know how to draw and then learn to change or interpret our subject!”

Stan Miller, a fine art watercolourist, gives the same advice as Kathy Morris to learn drawing before quickly jumping into a painting. He also says that it will be great to get their facts right and later distort them as they please. According to him in the beginning, he also says that there is no need to worry much about colours and techniques as they are unimportant things. And you know what? He is an art teacher too, so this advice could indeed help beginners!

Painting Tips By Inspiring Fine Art Painters That You Need To Know!

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